Thursday, March 24, 2016

Songs to play over again, lions and women, noses in the air, horns to glows, horns to sound, horns of goats and sheep. Happy dazes again. Katy Perry - Roar (Official)....Time machine, to get the best out of the time, spent in hell, in another life, in a new time, angels against the world. Earth angels in the skies, angels in mask, the ones that get to fly away.  Catches to release, in another life, to stay or go, faces of the dress and dances in the dark. Love and happiness, joys and pains, loves for once day in time. Dreams of sunny dazes, ways to make the family happy, faces to change over time. Snakes and frogs in the mix, under the skin, part of the time. 

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain LyricsJesus Christ, bastard to save the masses of sheep, horse and pony shows. Great day on the right side, wonderful day to be alive, hopes flames burning bright, dreams in actions, desires out in air, goodness and mercy, angels to catch. Balls and bats, witches and spells, cats and rats, races to death. Busy dying daily, busy living large in a blue state, peace and understanding on one hand. Goodness and mercy, joys and pleasures, gifts granted, prayers granted, peace, love and understanding granted, across the winds.


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