Thursday, March 24, 2016

    Consultants: Charles R. Jarrot.....Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: Gay and happy, full of hot air, buller shiter, shit flying now...I AM VERY GLAD TO SAY MY LITTLE BUTCH, BALD OR NOT, IS THE ONE PUSSY LICK THE MOST FOR ME ALWAYS SWEET. RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR BACK AND HAS BEEN REGROWTH SINCE FEBRUARY. in a coffin with a fag, dung for food, frogs and snakes, faces in the mirror, 12 times a day, funny and sad, not known....., busy dying daily, hope for more, prey for snakes to leave, veterans with bed bugs, in the homes for homeless in Desert Hot Springs, my passion, to create blue oceans of dreams. Dreams to land for castles, chasing rainbow, reader with feathers caps, wigs on heads, purple hairs.

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  1. Life in hell, life on the side of the road, stuck in parking lots for dazes, turning tricks for cash, life of dreams for some. Not in our worlds, of lights, not the life for earth angels, stuck in a coffin. Fags and qreers, retards and basket caces, hell hound tales to spin. Good times, lots of hard knocks, lessons learned over time, Tin can affairs, lovers of shit to trade. Dates with snakes and frogs, back in times, back in the day, pages to turn. Part of my sisters stories, sharing the anger within, ptsd most of the time, men and the attacks, to live over again, sad story, or a frog kisses. VIDEO: A Messianic Jew and Muslim Arab Discuss IsraelRT Call Mercedes Ashley on Verified Call: Red Caps, Jewish Rites, Tips.... https://verified... more »

    Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, wigs on, $6000 caps, cherry jarrot, Sheri Jarrot great white land whale, butches to date 909 920 0725. Turns on Steven Jarrot face, day job, oral expert, pimps on call, gang bang rules, porn stars. Just another fairy tale. Living with the Jarrots, was like going back in time to American in 1952, and the battles of the races were still in play. Drugs were the biggest excuse used, devil within had a field day, seven snakes within is how I like to say it, funny and stupid is another way.