Thursday, March 24, 2016

or the pimps on wheels, party and play, freaks on the sands of time. 

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful....American birds, sit and spin, tales in the air. Dances in the rain, dances in shames, dances with wolves and snakes, dates on the corner, RV action, bitch on wheels, games to play. Just another story of a couple of frogs, a couple of fish from the seas, dates set long ago, tricks and trades, have been done. Over time and space, pages to turn, books to write, great life, great day alive. How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin, happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries.....
Black And White Matters, Tips With Tales....
Making waves, rocking the boat, not normal, Marines in the battles, rats to races, baby boomers, still fighting the good fights. Hand to hearts, hands to help, hands to guide, teachers and students, coins to flip by the hour. Lessons on men in military, classes of honor and what is right, hands to hearts, for the weak, hand to protect the simple and the needy. Just one nut to stand,beaches and rocks to dodge, gifts of time to write, time to spare, to write for more. Lovers and haters, giants to date, wits to share, faces to lovers to keep.

Or not, rainbow reader, angels on call, Shawn Waters, were you there????Maaxine Douglas, 13 again, or 5 frogs leaping....Happy Birthday, how was Smokey Robinson, in Indio, on the 19th of March????Hard Knocks, Movie Rights.... Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012. Rach Jay, Rach Jarrot, Sam Jarrot, butches to date. Glory days gone, Rach Jarrot, now flipping faces, out of her skin

Sunny Sima Creating blue oceans, blue dreams for veterans homeless and in homes, beds have bed bugs, have to find a contact to give up beds every month, for these house. Shawn Waters, John of the watere, Mircles in his pockets, cash to lend a hand, ways to grow, ways to expand, oceans in the deep blue seas. Still Waters, wife of his, hope daily is his motto, my other face in the mirror.

Max Moore, wants more of everything, games with works, works with words, tales of stories to change lives, blue oceans created, know and unknown products and services around the world. Five year plan for uses for $6 Million dollars, large order, not have another one for $13 Million yesterday, angels on earth, working on chasing rainbows in the waters. Wars and battles, marching fourth, marching to dances in the air. Fairy tales for life. Joys and pleasures, jobs to create, have the teams together now. Call Shawn Waters, the mircles in his pockets all the time.....

 Gifts of time, gifts of space, gifts of wars and battles for the military, over time and families. Rites for the homeless veterans needed now, more than ever. 22 dead every day, last count, need to help the number turn around. Veterans Housing Matters. Money to address, hands out for the writers, hands out for the earth angels here to lend a hand. Paperwork to do the jobs, to repair, and to restore,  after the damages of the men hurt in battles.

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