Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seven Knights, Hidden In The Woods....Life in a coffin, tricked and pimped, back in the day, fairy tales, with a twist. Modern models, girls in the woods, seven knights to watch, seven seas to sail. Tales of lands in other countries, tales of kings. Knights out to mate, kings out for true love, hands to hand, hearts to heats. Bitches and dogs, snakes and frogs, monkeys at the top of the trees. Ways to go, ways to grow, trips to the heavens and back, birds to fly. Eagles for hawks, prey in the air, birds of prey, birds out of the fires...

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)....Time machine, to get the best out of the time, spent in hell, in another life, in a new time, angels against the world. Earth angels in the skies, angels in mask, the ones that get to fly away.  Catches to release, in another life, to stay or go, faces of the dress and dances in the dark. Love and happiness, joys and pains, loves for once day in time. Dreams of sunny dazes, ways to make the family happy, faces to change over time. Snakes and frogs in the mix, under the skin, part of the time. 


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