Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rocks And Waves, Life On The Water, Different World, Joys Seen, Light Blue Seas

Asses out, what a joy, freaks in fishnet shades on legs, me to today, weird or what. Going to the doctors, going to Paris, going to the races. Veterans for cash on the table, dental work to get done. Tip for veteran dental emercey every four in the morning, four after noon. Tips for the homeless, tales to share, online, hands out to lend a hand. Oceans blue, oceans smooth, daily dances in the heat. Hands to hearts, buts out, frogs and fish in the military, love the time served. Had a blast for six year. 9 to five for me.

Secerts was my games, located around the world. Check on the military by microfilms, new every 6 weeks. On Six week behind all the time. Uncle Sam and his finest, the Marines, crazy and weird, common views.

Watch out snakes, watch out freaks,m watch out sinners and sanints, birds with wings, out of the fire, cards to flip, cards on the table, good times, in the joys and pains, the bumps in the road, Steevn Snakes Seven, hats and horns, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, Lover or hater, hats and horns, goats and sheep, ways to grow. Devil with green eyes, hell hound, hacker, thief, crook and robber, 12 animals faces the faces of animals. Land whales, wales of sorrows, hills and valleys, hope for the fires. Gate of hell wide open, trips to hell over time and space. Stuck in a coffin with a pussy, a nigger for sure, hats of hate, texts of hate yesterday, cops to see. Cops and the hospital, have to start over. So willl he.. back in time 2013. Thanks for the tip, goodness and mercy to floors, angels in host, leaders of lights, songs in the morning light. Sun and moons, lights in darkness. Amen, hands in the air, glory on high, high time, smokes and horns, devils and saints, sinners and halos, hats to trade, hats to love, hates of haters, hats of lovers, goats and sheep, songs to sing, thanks to the gods, March for Mars, Romans God of wars, fuck the battles who wins the war. Light history lessons, over time and space. Take a moment to say hello, glades of joy, buckets of love, have to make more, honey to make the world nicer, have a blast, happy tails, trails and paths, watch the roads. Making waves.

Shit hit the fans. Snakes and worms, bugs and pest, in my house, I paid in blood with, jokes for laughs, nightmares to last a lifetime. Thanks for the hard jobs of staying alive, without joy. Sad Staory right, asses out, asses to kiss, lovers in the day of pains, dances in treats, dances in shame, dances for drugs, dances for dicks for Steven to Suck. Nightmares for life, his ass in the air, my right in it. Sights of his big ass up, with two dicks inside,m after I went to bed, everynight. Lover to keep, niggers out to rob, niggers out to be a bitch, ass open wide, role player, poker master, games of cards. Games on word, games on rules, games on earth angels to last forever. Mistakes to correct. goodness and mercy angels to follow always, Kill a kid, kill a kid young at heart, not in this lifetime, dreams in darkness, go away. Have a blast always. Starr Bright, Maya, Lizzy Jarrot, faces of lovers, gifts to share all day. Have a moment to spare????

Govan JamalThanks girlfriend, like you picture, on the floor, and the heart in hand, what a wonderful picture, thanks so much for sharing, Have a blast every day. Birthdays every day, each one, gifts lots of love, can make more to, hearts in hands. Hands in hearts, gifts to share, online history of the blues.

Heart in hands, great picture, lovers and haters, each has one, faces of snakes, faces of cheaters, heart to heart to heats, babes dead and dying for true love. Not Steven Jarrot, not Happy Dazes, Not Happy Sunny Sima or me. LLissa Desilve, Maya Jarrot, Jay Jarrot, blue moons, red dates, faces to share, hats and horns, horns of goats and sheep, ways to grow, ways to carry on, dreams dancing in my head, better and more, Max Moore for the gifts, Chuck Moore for the cash.

Peter love for the understanding, mother that he was, back in time with Brian Best, the bitch to make, $10,000 per week. Hollywood job back in the eighty, did not qualubes at all. Like Charlie Jarrot, the freak that died in 1982, right Steven Jarrot. Donkey today, with daddy, in the garden of the dead. Hollywood hills right. The biggest jackasses in the hills and valleys of sorrows. Thanks for a life in a coffin with a den of snakes, got over it. Thanks to the angels in the skies. Deep blue waters, mircles in the roads, great and small, lots of dreams, in the big picture...

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  1. Paths taken, at the forks, three lefts, to get back to square one, seven seasons of reasons, hands out to lend a hand. Hearts in hands,m build for years, queen is dead, butterflies again. Birds in the fire, hope is born, birds to the heavens, birds and bats out of hell, fires of purple, fires of orange. sinners and saints burned on crosses. Sad and blue, black and white, red and white, hats to wear, Santa colors, nick the saint, Santa riding the waves, with seas horses. Liked that one the best. Do no know the story, another thing to check out, or not.