Thursday, March 24, 2016

Donkeys Dongs, Leaders Of Packs, Rat Racers After Life As Humans, Charlie and Paul Jarrot

Creating blue oceans, blue dreams for veterans homeless and in homes, beds have bed bugs, have to find a contact to give up beds every month, for these house. Shawn Waters, John of the watere, Mircles in his pockets, cash to lend a hand, ways to grow, ways to expand, oceans in the deep blue seas. Still Waters, wife of his, hope daily is his motto, my other face in the mirror. Max Moore, wants more of everything, games with works, works with words, tales of stories to change lives, blue oceans created, know and unknown products and services around the world. Five year plan for uses for $6 Million dollars, large order, not have another one for $13 Million yesterday, angels on earth, working on chasing rainbows in the waters. Wars and battles, marching fourth, marching to dances in the air. Fairy tales for life. Joys and pleasures, jobs to create, have the teams together now. Call Shawn Waters, the mircles in his pockets all the time.....

Lliissa Desilva wrote, back in the day, had a bad year or two, in a coma, in a coffin with a fag, Steven Jarrot, May 9, 2013. Stole the car, and came back and started a fire, started lies about guns in the house, cops came out, dogs and taxgers, guns to kill, note of the day, Kill the bitch with frlnds of the police force, did not happen, the cop Steven was nice, had no clothes on, had to get a jacket, saw Steven Jarrot, while walking out of the building with the 15 cops, there for a fire started in front of my door. Gifts of Sheri and Reese Smith, they were there that night, my car was towed by AAA. Steven stole everything in the car, and blamed others. My clothes were too big, a sixe 2 was to bigh for me in May 2013. Got attacked on the 22nd, had exrays done. So small, so dead, so staraved, death was within days, steven was not able to wait. Had a party and he wanted to be dead. with me. Not in this life. May 5, was a party of the frogs, and snakes left my house. I paid over $12000 that month, to live with a snake in the house.

Dream life, not to me, for the caows and buffalo, for the dykes and butches, Reese Smith, stole my pictures, stole my identkcations, 6 times that one month, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lovers of free wills, gods from the center of the earth, hell houds from the devil, evil not good peepsl. tales to turn on the lights. back in time back in 2013. Years on the nightmare charts, broken reconds, lovers and haters, tales to be told, over time and apaces.
aaI have found myself in quite an unfortunate situation. My current roommate living arrangement is not working out and I need a new place to stay ASAP!! I am looking for something very soon, like within a few days soon. I am a trustworthy, reliable, and honest person that is looking for something short or long term. I can offer a single person or family help with housekeeping or cooking a few times a week. 

I have a full time job lined up to start next week, but I can absolutely work around that schedule. I am a pretty decent cook, and I can cook just about anything. I don't mind cleaning your house or taking care of your pets, I love animals so there's no worry there. If you have children and need a babysitter every now and again or just help in general with laundry, cooking, running errands, etc. I can help!! 

What I am looking for is somewhere safe to stay! I am looking in HB, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport beach, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, etc. 

Please email me if this sounds like something you would be interested in offering. 

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