Thursday, March 24, 2016

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful. Back in time, Days in the dark. Frogs Dazes:

Gifts in the words, gifts in the joys, gifts in the pains, gifts in the lessons learned on the path to greatness. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful. Back in time, Days in the dark, dazes in the rain, birds and bees, butterflies in the treats, flowers and bees, honey to made. 
Snakes And Men, Pictures 1000 words, food for fun, games to play, pictures for the good time. Time to stop, time to run, hope for the best, that you are not toast, with a snake like that. Food and clothes, boots to make, the skin is good for how long, after death. To take, to give, to share, the tips and the tales of snake, snakes to dodge, in another life, done with them, just stories to write, love and hate, sheep and goats, homes to houses, snake in dens, snakes can from a bigger snakes. What a life, to be a snake, out to stay alive, anyway how, does it matter?

Dances with wolves, dances with snakes, in the cold weather, in the woods. Land whales, frog classes on the beach, home movies done to date. History recorded, tales and treats. His stories, her stories, family stories, saints and sinners tell. Jokers in school, jokers to the right, tips and tweets to shine the lights. Tales and lessons on the beach, fruits and nuts to fry and burn. Lions on beach, dragons and knights, to fight for the rites of the young and mean. 

Nasty bites from the snakes in dens, crooks and robbers, frogs that sin.  Joy in the mornings, doves at dawn, green branches of peace, green branch from dogwood tree. Into the woods, lessons. Daily Delights :Happy notes, happy friday, good tines, tips and tales on the dark side of the moon. Dances in the dark, gifts to share, pieces of a nightmare. Lights out for a season in time, trips to the pits of hell, snakes and spineless reptiles, trapped for tricks and trades. 

 I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs. I'm tossing up punch lines that were never there. Over my shoulder a piano falls. Crashing to the ground. In all this talk of time. Talk is fine.  Dead to rites, lights out, in the darkness still, hell hounds. Monkeys swinging in the dogwood trees: fruits and nuts to date 562 200 9102. I concur. Mistakes, bumps in road, dances on the beach. Crooks, robbers and suckers to date.  Crook Steven Jarrot  7608512267.   Earth angels, mothers on earth, Adam and Eve. Snakes in the garden, snakes in the woods. Tips and tales, girls with red hoods, into the woods, into the night, snakes and monkey games. Into the woods to grandmothers house.

 Fairy tales told when we were young.  Facebook Idiots: Songs to sing, faces in masks, Steven Jarrot, cum sucker under name of bitch. Snake in girlfriends account, many more online. Maya Moore, Penny and Chuck Moore, names to blow in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps in dance, life is a beach. Classes on love and hate, classes on frogs and snakes online. History created  not news today.

Over time, over space, rainbow readers, angels in the air, songs to sing, birds in dogwood trees, flowers to hopes, stars to shine. Heavens gate..... morning all....Veterans dated, guys and drools, freaks and frogs, camping on the side of the road, parked at the beach. Land whales out to flip land sharks, to trick or trade, to eat while out for dazes. Friends that have snakes under the skin, crooks and robbers. Jewish rites, frogs in glasses, mud views not clear to a sinner or a saint. The Offices of Charles R. Jarrot - Beverly Hills, CA ... Death raths to float, jokes on bones in a box or seven snakes, Princes of frogs, Steven Jarrot, 7605643510 . Jewish and white liars, tips online to share.....Sinking Ships, Dates With Dogs, Faces In Death, Heads Up. Games To Blame, Boat Over Loads, Fat And Wide, Views Of Freaks....Come a little closer and I will tell you a tale of love and devotion, a story of love and hate-the horns on a goat, and think about the birds and the bees. Love or hate, the flip sides of the coin, daily lessons to be learned about the levels of love to share. 420 connected, retired cowboy, rat racing for dollars still, houses to sell, veterans need homes.

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  1. Consultants: Charles R. Jarrot.....Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: Gay and happy, full of hot air, buller shiter, shit flying now...I AM VERY GLAD TO SAY MY LITTLE BUTCH, BALD OR NOT, IS THE ONE PUSSY LICK THE MOST FOR ME ALWAYS SWEET. RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR BACK AND HAS BEEN REGROWTH SINCE FEBRUARY. in a coffin with a fag, dung for food, frogs and snakes, faces in the mirror, 12 times a day, funny and sad, not known....., busy dying daily, hope for more, prey for snakes to leave, veterans with bed bugs, in the homes for homeless in Desert Hot Springs, my passion, to create blue oceans of dreams. Dreams to land for castles, chasing rainbow, reader with feathers caps, wigs on heads, purple hairs.