Thursday, March 24, 2016

Great Jobs, mom and son, awards for jobs well done. Hats off to you, my dream lover. Dances all night long, with Smokey Robinson last week, had a wonderful time. Man in purple suit, lots of class for a old guy. Examples with Barry Gordon there, have pictures to share at a later time.

 Dates with strangers, fiends in time, life time quest, giants on land, Peter Pan. Se certs notes, tips and tales, bumps in the roads. Paths taken, at the forks, three lefts, to get back to square one, seven seasons of reasons, hands out to lend a hand. Hearts in hands,m build for years, queen is dead, butterflies again. 

Birds in the fire, hope is born, birds to the heavens, birds and bats out of hell, fires of purple, fires of orange. sinners and saints burned on crosses. Sad and blue, black and white, red and white, hats to wear, Santa colors, nick the saint, Santa riding the waves, with seas horses. Liked that one the best. Do no know the story, another thing to check out, or not. 

Freak for the true colors, male fag hag, the right story to share, hemal of the Jewish flip side of the coin. Lover of self, and lovers of cum to trade for tasteful pleasures, role model of the worst kind, depends....Once a snake, will remain a snake, changes skins nine times a year, nature of the beast.

Fun and games, to party and play, family fuck fest, Thursdays in December 2014. cum for a turn to sit on Steven's Face, flip for prizes : two fists up the asses of the Desert Rats, snakes, frogs, fags, fag hags, butches, bitches, and mothers Sima, Sheri, and Rachel and Rocky Jarrot: 7607778998.Charmer snake in the grass? Steven Jarrot:7605643510-to date men on down low: Secert gay lifestyle to party and play away to the death. Family fuck fest thurdays in December. Party and play today?7608512267?7607778998?7603601613? Indo based, room for RV, party and play on the side of the house?

Notes from Rocky, Starr Briton, family facts, lights on, sister with another mother. My family, my friends, my pieces of the pie in the sky. Happy Monday, Steven Jarrot, bitch on board, gang bang catcher in place, 3000 pitchers lined up, party and play, cum suckers, at day job. Pimps Rachel, Sheri, Sima, Reese Jarrot, for gas money. Pitchers line up, cum to play. Monkeys and freak swingers. RV campers in Upland, California.Out of the blue this happen, just found out, only message from my account , a snake within. He is just living up to the label he has as a snake. A person not to be trusted. I found his views he wrote 2 years ago, as Steven Jarrot, and the growth is not there....

Matt Simons - Catch & Release (Deepend remix) - Official Video..My head still in the clouds, still in the air, drama and dreams dancing in my head. Home watching a movie, "On A clear Day". life in Ireland maybe. Dates to swim the English Chanel, not sure where it is, so have to look it up later in time. Have hopes to find another bed, and some other things for my house, in Riverside for now, looking for a house on the beach, that would be a dream in this life for me. Have found a knight to stand tall beside me, he likes to hear my stories, my bumps in the roads with spiders and snakes, here to help me grow. Lots of laughs, lots of joys and pleasures with one giant on land, a dog in three ways, just like me, a bitch with 5 stars, the male form, in every way. Just wanted to let you know, and I still like the things you wrote. Thanks for getting back with me.

Have a few balls in the air, more giants around the round table, total of 12, games on board, pieces to move, kings and pawns. Games in real life, games with words to delight, games with jacks, games with balls. Games to be played, by the young at heart, pages of life to live, seven seasons to turn things around, out of the fires of hell, rebirth to start, birds and bees, dogface butterflies, new beginings, at the drop of a dime. Lots in time, lost in space, pages to turn, pagers to write, joys and pains, bumps in the road. Angels to follow, goodness and mercy.

Blasting over and out, have a blast today, and write again, still need friends, want to sail on the ocean, crabs to fish for in cages. Dreams of another day, hands out to say hello, hands out for new 420 friends, trips to the beaches to share over time and space. Moments lost, time spent, classes on love and hate, goats and sheep, birds and bees, glory days done, trips to hell and back, joys and pains, bumps in the roads, ran to the hills, run to the ships of dreams, dances and drama on the sands of time. 

Ticks and tricks, trades and fags, horns and goats, love and hate, monkeys to dogs, bitches in heat. Songs to sings, songs to dances, birds and bees, joys and pains, dances in the rain, dances in drama. Ways to grow, ways to stand, ways to turn things around, mountains and valleys to cross, dazes in darkness, dazes in the rain, ways to stand. 

Justin Bieber - Get Used To It (Audio).....Veterans Prey...Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio.Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness. Dances for the time of your life, the best is yet to cum, dances on the sands of time. Fires started in my heart, just after dark, views in the mirror. Ways to grow, ways to get back the notes of a frogs, fish in the seas, songs to sing. Blue skies, dreams in drama, lights to turn on, lights to shine. And Cows, Jewish Delights, Tasteful Choices, Fags To Hags, Tales Of Jackasses.Lions To Roars, Angels On Earth, Happy And Delights, Tales Told, Glory Dazes Done. Fruit And Nuts, Hackers On Facebook?steven And Sima Jarrot? Rachel Jay 2?One nut to stand, one nut that can write, one nut in the wood. Fruit and nuts, donkeys in the hills and valleys, ways to grow. Live and learn, stories to share, lots of hard knocks, dates with RV campers. Steven and Sheri Jarrot, dicks in line, trades with cheap tricks, Rachel and Reese Smith, Rach Jay and Jackie Jarrot. Lots of blown jobs, gang bang rules, pimps on call. 7608512267...., hacker deleted, Steven Jarrot, contact for updates 7608512267, bitch on buns, dicks in lines, fag to date. tricks and trades, party and play, RV camper for life, life of dreams to live. Dreams in wheels. Dames and chick, veterans and black, babes lost. Wigs And Cows, Jewish Delights, Tasteful Choices, Fags To Hags, Tales Of Jackasses.Lions To Roars, Angels On Earth, Happy And Delights, Tales Told, Glory Dazes Done.

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  1. Songs to sing, how great life is, thanks so much, for more time to start over again, bumps in the road, snakes and frogs in the grass, land whales to flip the sharks and eat alive, just for cash to travel, credit to get more gas, life in a Tin can, third party views, noses in the air, lessons to learn, cows and cattle callers, love and luck to work. Dancing in the rain, joys and pains, lives in the dark, snakes and frogs, cattle to roam, lessons on classes of haters, lessons on love and hate, still to do.