Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dark Knights, Frogs And Snakes, Donkeys In Packs, Monkeys To Dodge.

Lessons on men in military, classes of honor and what is right, hands to hearts, for the weak, hand to protect the simple and the needy. Just one nut to stand,beaches and rocks to dodge, gifts of time to write, time to spare, to write for more. Lovers and haters, giants to date, wits to share, faces to lovers to keep....Vip Porn Dreams, Bright Lights, Darkness Rules. Once long ago, in a dark dream, went to get a free ride, to the doctors for awhile, found a snake for a minute. Fat cats, fat Jewish Wide Whales, tales to share, time to tell, kisses of a frog or two. Stories, blogs, tips recorded online, history in the making, classes on love and hate. Shore to sands, sailors to waves, ships of dreams to sail, ready set to cope. Ways to go, to learn need things to build blue oceans, deep blue seas, of fish and frogs, out to make things happen. Have a friend or two, have been making plans, to create a better life. Pages to turn, books to write, books to review. Changes today, and more to do, games all day, tips from snakes, to go back on the corner. 

Found a frog to hop alone with me, with my mother and I, had the aunts also to go. Went though a lot of paperwork. In the end, it was a blink of an eye, life in the grave was over, for all of us. Lots of lies, lots of love, lots of laughs, tales online, stories to share, cat and mouse, cartoons shows. Pages to turn, stories to read, books to create, monkeys on a tree.....
Big and Fat, Jewish Devil Dogs, Frogs To Date


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