Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Giants, Kings And Women, Ladies Of The Knights

Total And Complete, Notes Of Lovers, Hats To Halos, Racing Rats....Holiday notes, eagles to fly, birds in the air, bees and bugs, eggs to hatch, eggs in fires. Happy dazes, time to cerebrate, let lights shines, to come together, happy notes, tales of funny frogs. Dazes and stone, coins to flip, games to play, jacks and giants, tips for all. Madonna song, holidays every day, birthdays also, pages of lover, pages of hate, sheep and goats, tales to be told. Light and darkness, sinners and saints, holiday hits.

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack Notes to the dead, notes to the dying, notes to the freaks and toads, faces of lovers for a moment, left in time. Families are all that we have, to stand alone, in the end. Lights on the roads that you take, hands out to help the others, lost in the stars. Tales in the end, only things left, stories of the joys and pain, the bumps in the road, the paths to greatness, over time and space, angels in host, angels in the faces of the earth angels here to teach, the babies in the ranks. 

Fairy Tales, Sleeping Dates, Seven Knights, Hidden In The Woods....Life in a coffin, tricked and pimped, back in the day, fairy tales, with a twist. Modern models, girls in the woods, seven knights to watch, seven seas to sail. Tales of lands in other countries, tales of kings. Knights out to mate, kings out for true love, hands to hand, hearts to heats. Bitches and dogs, snakes and frogs, monkeys at the top of the trees. Waus tp go, ways to grow, trips to the heavens and back, birds to fly. Eagles for hawks, prey in the air, birds of prey, birds out of the fires.

Lover and haters, dates with snakes, tales to be told. Hearts and brains, big parts of the chicks in me, lots to see, lots to share, good times, times of love and hate. Pages of love, pages of hate, goats and sheep, songs to sing. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, angles of love, angels of hate, horns and halo, tales of hats to wear, good times, happy notes, joys and pains, bumps in the roads.  Dates with dads, dates with bald chicks, darts to hogs, pies in the sky. Dreams and dances, jokes and laughs, kids on the floor. Black notes, white bald heads, kids to play, hogs on the floor. Nuts and fun faces, happy notes, happy tales, happy trails to do. Hogs and pictures of pigs, dress up, power of pink, dates with Rach Jay, faces to watch. Rachel Jarrot, pigs to dress, pits and rocks, snakes under the skin. 

Pinks and white pigs, dates on the beaches, classes of dogs, bitches....

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