Monday, March 14, 2016

Earth Angel Sanxtuary, Places In The Sky, Engles Nests

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Tales of angels on earth, people like you, strangers like me, earth angels in the blue lights. Tips of the day, hope for the masses, the sheep and the goats. Lights to shine, hope, peace,gold and green, in my eyes all the time. Gods and wars, Mars and Romans, Battles to win, coins to flip. Tales of kings, tales of love at first sight, something stuck in your eye? Games and balls, eyeballs in your head, 2 set set closed, third eye open yet? Coins on the table, coins on hand, nickels and dimes, dollars are better, just to let you know.

Counting by fives, counting by sixes, counting up to 12 times, over time and space, earth angels in the air. Earth angels in the sands, earth angels beside you now, tips to know, the sinners and the saints. Just for laughs, troubles foes, freaks out for tricks. Setting traps, setting cages, fairy tales, fish to catch, cages need, shell fish for dinner.

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