Sunday, February 14, 2016

Red Hearts, Doctors Notes, Red and White Hits

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Books to read, cats in red hats, santa clause, fairy tales, tales for the young at heat. Holiday hits, red hearts, love and hate, hats and horns, horns to toss, horns to sound, love and hate, coins to flip. Red and white hearts, read and white notes, tips to share, lovers and saints, sinners and haters, coins to toss. Tales and heads, tales in the air, coins on the table, good times. Long days without friends, have to wait, until death, friends on the other sides. Coins for the boatmen, cars to go to the ferry, coins for the men in boats.

Big pictures, and a long day, without friends, dead and expired, to cum for the rides to the other sides. Friends and family, gone to the other sides, songs to play, songs to tell the life they had. Mothers and fathers, brothers and friends, gifts in the winds. Songs to play, in the end, in the last days, gifts to share, hands to hold.

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