Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dreams, Dancing Lifestyles, Lovers In Blue States

Blue skies, blues and sadness, blue dreams, blowing in the winds, good times. LIfe is a beach, good times, happy dazes again, glory days done. Dream life, on the beach, blue skies, and boats to sail, to the seven seas, life is a beach, daily sites. Goodness and mercy, angels in the air, angels back to back, sailers and captains on the ship of dreams. Dream lifestyle, blue dreams, seas to sail, seven seasons, of rythys and reason, books to write, good times.

Masks on, faces changes in the mirror, good times. Have written stories, and used pen names, to think about facts not fiction to me, and the twisted and tainted views of Steven Jarrot: 7608512267: just a snake, just a cheater. Questions? Faithful and bullshit are both 8 letter words, that Steven Jarrot, had problems with all his life, and has no concepts of what that means most of the time. Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips: Whales Jarrot: 7607778998: Transplants-Paul, Charlie E. , and Steven Jarrot- 7608512267: a bun in the oven, 3 weeks from birth. Sept 4, 1962 a ...

Thanks so much for the little girl, thanks so much for the love of the kids within, lessons learned, can not fix people short of brains. Can not fix snakes. Can not fix dense and dumb. My lesson learned is that we can not fix broken people, if they live in glass houses, and the are the land whales, searching for prey to rob blind. Free will on the lines, with the good looks of the hell hounds, talks about what you have, and cheat, steal and take for self on 13 levels. Daddy for the little girls lost, daddy for the kisses of cum to drink, suck the free will out, dead again.

ENGLISH words, for the wise. Stupid can not be fixed, dense and dump for a season in the sun, as a frog or a fish  plenty of them both in the sea. To fail: first attempt in learning. To end: effects never dies on one hand and no on the other hand: define as next opportunity, turning the page and moving  foward. Fuck views of others, get up and dance away from blues of fish in the sea. Good times, happy times to share for the joys and pains. The focus is on integrity, transparency about who we are, and honesty, so we can decide without biases or doubts we meant for each other or not. We do not need to guess. We know, we respect and appreciate direct approach.

Cheap Tricks:Sheri, Rachellyn1010, Rachel, Sima Jarrot

Castles in the sky, dreams dancing in my head, dream place, across the ocean, Italy Castle for sale. Time to hit the books, Schools Of Hard Knocks, Smokers, and pot heads, courses to study. "Cow Wisdom",Life's Little Beefs.Steven Jarrot Retard hacker, frog army leader, Jewish Rites:7608512267: 5'11" weight 260 pounds:Lic #N9602690: SSN# 565 29 0428 or not, moot? DOB: 090462...

Good In Sweet Tips: Cum to Black Males have the biggest dicks, thank god for Rick Benson, George Benson, Harry Dicks ok also, and Dick , Charles R Jarrot,7607778998.
Queen of the Seas.

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