Sunday, February 14, 2016

Castles In Sky, Dream Life, Dancing Dreams

Another view, another side of the coin, love and hate, love and devotion, love and happiness, jumps for joy, jumps for the bumps in the road. Happy and delighted, with the horse in the barn, the steer that has fought many battles, battles of the true blue men of love and devotion, and the rites of a man. Snakes To Eat, Snakes And Men, Pictures 1000 words, food for fun, games to play, pictures for the good time. Time to stop, time to run, hope for the best, that you are not toast, with a snake like that. Food and clothes, boots to make, the skin is good for how long, after death.

Hope and fires, dreams of life for a moment in time, trips to the beach, trips to the moon and back, good times. Dreams in motion, dancing words, dancing dreams in my head, songs to create, songs to play, good times, to stand still. Gifts of words, tales in the air, good and bad, bumps in the road. Dreams in colors, dreams of hope, dreams of a better life, dreams in motion, moons to lights, good times. Knights to shine, moons white, darkness for the stars, gifts of dreams. Dreams of love, dreams of trees to climb, dreams of dances on the sands of time. Love and hate, to hurt sometimes, life is hare, for the bumps in the road, the only thing that makes us fell alive. Darkness for the dreams, for the knights to quest, time to stand still. Parks for the walks, walks on the sands of time, trips to hell and back. Darkness for the dreams, lights on after the sunsets, stars out.

Dream Life, Cartoon Hits, Castles In the Sky, Heavens Gates 

Jewish Dreams, dream life for Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lots ...

To take, to give, to share, the tips and the tales of snake, snakes to dodge, in another life, done with them, just stories to write, love and hate, sheep and goats, homes to houses, snake in dens, snakes can from a bigger snakes. What a life, to be a snake, out to stay alive, anyway how, does it matter? Angels alert to the signs of the times. Angels alert to the acts of true love and devotion.

The love for the man and the love of a woman, gifts of the folds of pink. Gifts from the centers of the heat, gifts for the frogs kissed, gifts for the dead time. Dead time while asleep, the wolves got in and ate the shark, but because of a problem with eating, had to much and the food came back up. Thank god for heart burn turkeys in the sky? Turkeys do not fly. Turkish Cuban Transplants-Land whales, searches for prey, bitches in heat, butches for control, trips around the world, trips to the dark sides of the moon.

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