Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wines To Drink, Party Times, Castle Supplies

Mental for a fee. Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share, about the bumps in the road. Your luck is in, bright lights on the dark side of the moon. Fuck views of others, get up and dance away from blues of fish in the sea. Clowns gone. Basket cases on the beach. Rachel and dead bird, lost in the winds. Sheri and Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, crooks with steal from babies. Prey on the beach, watch out for land whales, parties to pay, trades for free wills. Rats. Mental for a fee. Crazy, dizzy, rich with laughs to share.

 Nice suit, from sun days in shade, nice shot. No butt about it, jokes on girls, practicing lessons learned.  Party and play on butts in the sun. Not the land whales. Sheri and Steven with  Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267, crooks with steal from babies. Prey on the beach, watch outm parties to pay, trades for free wills. Rats and fairy tales, life lessons learned. Mental for a fee. Crazy?Cages for the freaks, cages for the cattle and the cattle callers, cages for the frogs to date for the party and play time on the beach. Gifts to share for the deeds and the actions done, changes for the cages for the frogs on the beach, dates in the dated RV by the beach in Ventura, Ca for the year of 2014, and the start of 2015. Tricks, trades, dicks to suck for the free will and the chances to flip a car.


Thanks so much for the little girl, thanks so much for the love of the kids within, lessons learned, can not fix people short of brains. Can not fix snakes. Can not fix dense and dumb. My lesson learned is that we can not fix broken people, if they live in glass houses, and the are the land whales, searching for prey to rob blind. Free will on the lines, with the good looks of the hell hounds, talks about what you have, and cheat, steal and take for self on 13 levels. Daddy for the little girls lost, daddy for the kisses of cum to drink, suck the free will out, dead again.  

Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods. Out of the woods, back on high ground, out of the dirt, ready to shine a brighter light, earth angels, pixies, and fairies, out of the rocks. Second form of life to live, within the skins of the young at heart. Kids full of fun, joys and games, teaching new classes in classic fairy tales. Second time to try again to teach the lessons needed for the trips to the lands at the end of the rainbows. Good times on top of the mountains, flying high as a bird or a butterfly, new lives in the second form, to fly away from darkness. Goodness and mercy angels out all the time, hands out to help up, the lost and displaced earth angels. Sleep on their backs, trapped in a dazes, with the land whales. Dying daily while in a dazes, hell hounds in dens of snakes, being eaten alive. Wake up and smell the roses, wake up the girls, waiting for real lights of rights, reasons, and rites of passages. Good times to share, gifts to exchange, tales and stories, while trapped in the darkness. Dogwood butterflies for the new births, for the rebirths, of dreams, wishes and prayers. Good times, happy dazes in the sun, fun and games on the beach. Dances in the wind, fairies, pixies and earth angels. Goodness and mercy angels, here to repair and restore. Happy notes on the right side of the grave. Trips on the seven seas, sailing tomorrow for a trip to the moon, under the stars.

Bitch Hacker, Low Life Spooks, Snakes, Niggers 2: Steven Jarrot 
7608512267 .Tin Men Turns: Where are the others, the lion, the tiger and the bear? Where are the lion, the scarecrow, the dog, and the girl? Walks on the yellow brick road, watch out for the bumps in the road, watch out for the holes and the potholes on the road. Happy and delighted for another day above ground, happy and full of joy and peace for a new start, in a better place. Gifts of words to share daily, of the acts of kindness, the hand out to help the lose, the confused, and the displaced homeless veterans.

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  1. One more time the charms and graces of Steven Jarrot: 7608512267: Cheater, liar, thief, seven snakes within the devil here on earth. His story, or history of the changes of a kingsnakes, nine times a year new skin added. Views of a frog,toad, or reptile in the form of truthful and honesty with a twist of hate, and love of self, with disregard to others, that are not white, Jewish and a rock star, steers or queers are accepted everyday of the week and twice on Sundays….
    Blog: Den of snakes jarrot jewish white stars 2014
    Post: Mules,Frogs, Jarrot Jewish Army 2014: Reptile Alerts the bf is full of himself and now a criminal that thinks military service gives him a pass. as a vet myself he makes me want to puke.....