Saturday, January 30, 2016

Faux Daddy, Tricks In Woods, Pimped By Strawmen

Girls in Woods, Girls on the way to the light of day, Grandmothers the other part, of a stool with three legs, in a girls life. The mother, the grandmother, and the young girl, part of the life as a girl, to grow and expands, to the three stages of life. Life is a dream, life is a dance, life is as your mother, after your life as a girl, have a kid or two, then become another person, with another hat, hats for hair, hats for life. Hats in purple, the color or hope, hates in blue the color of peace, hats in green. color for life, green cash in the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. On your your path, on your journey of life in the fast lanes, rats to races, daily events.

Life is a beach, then you expire, joys an dances to do, pleasures to eat, pleasures to give back, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the real and the adobe in houses, homeless veterans with kids, the kids without parents. Dead parents, dead friends, dead and buried, gone from the light of day, dead and in the ground, thanks for the lights that were on in your time, thanks for the joys. Thanks to the heavens, thanks to Mars, March Fourth, the best is yet to cum, glory days in the sunny, birds and bees, songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Peace and love, peace and hope, hope fires to burn, burning since the start of time.

Fire colors, blue and purple, peace and hope, colors to burn, food to eat, dates on the sands of time, pages in a book, more to write, just the tip of the mountain tops. Views of a bird, views of a dogface butterfly, views of an earth angel, with broken wings. Trips to earth, in a hand basket, in a den of snakes, for a moment in time. Trips to hell and back, hell hounds loose, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, snakes and frogs, lovers and haters, sinners and saints, frogs for the low roads, on the rimes of the wheels, in the dark, all of their lives, out for them selves, and the cows and the other land whales. Jokes and retards, basket cases, favorites of yours, pages on the wind, candles to blow, bones in a box, sad and blue, faces covered up, dead in a box. Who is next...

Another view, another side of the coin, love and hate, love and devotion, love and happiness, jumps for joy, jumps for the bumps in the road. Happy and delighted, with the horse in the barn, the steer that has fought many battles, battles of the true blue men of love and devotion, and the rites of a man. Snakes To Eat, Snakes And Men, Pictures 1000 words, food for fun, games to play, pictures for the good time. Time to stop, time to run, hope for the best, that you are not toast, with a snake like that. Food and clothes, boots to make, the skin is good for how long, after death.

Hope and fires, dreams of life for a moment in time, trips to the beach, trips to the moon and back, good times. Dreams in motion, dancing words, dancing dreams in my head, songs to create, songs to play, good times, to stand still. Gifts of words, tales in the air, good and bad, bumps in the road. Dreams in colors, dreams of hope, dreams of a better life, dreams in motion, moons to lights, good times. Knights to shine, moons white, darkness for the stars, gifts of dreams. Dreams of love, dreams of trees to climb, dreams of dances on the sands of time. Love and hate, to hurt sometimes, life is hare, for the bumps in the road, the only thing that makes us fell alive. Darkness for the dreams, for the knights to quest, time to stand still. Parks for the walks, walks on the sands of time, trips to hell and back. Darkness for the dreams, lights on after the sunsets, stars out. 

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.....Charco Group Consultants: Charles R. Jarrot, A Professional Corporation Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates...Mountain Tops: Once long ago, fail to learn, fairy tales, hidden messages to find. True blue in trying, sunny shine instead of rain, love and devotion believer. Luck of the Irish, hard work to practice to win, time and time again, life lessons. Notes on dreams after the climb, with the pits of snakes, pits in bowl of cherries. Thanks and praises, goodness and mercy, angels back to back, birds and bees. Good times, time castled in stone, classes on the beach, hate and love. Gifts to share, historical facts, time to laugh, tricked to death.

Daily fun and games, party and pay, party and play, dicks in lines, gang bang rules, Steven out for tasteful pleasures, oral expert of late night craigslist still....Snakes and worms, seven heads, snakes in the grass, pictures, and 1000 of word, tricks and treats, history created. Tales of land whales, Steven and Rachel Head Shots, Rach Jay, porn movie stars to film. Movies to direct, dreams of snakes to dances of snakes and frogs. Party and pay, trades to cum, pitchers in line, cash in hand. Snakes and frogs, frogs and rats, food and fun, snakes in grass.

Jewish Rites, dances in the dark, dances with snakes. Gifts to share, stories and tales of snakes and frogs. Faces to see, seven snakes, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267- notes to take, classes on the sands of time. Tips on high marks, classes on love and hate, goat and sheep, pick one, faces of love and hate, pages to turn, books to write. Family Affairs, Donkeys in the fields, Steven and Sheri Jarrot ...Sheri and Rachel Jarrot. Snakes and Worms. Dreams...

Trips to hell all done, out of free rides, have cash can pay for better trips, without hell hounds. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers. Lover and hates, cats and rats, cartoon hits, Micky Mouse, tales to share, hats to wear. Good times,songs to play, dances on the sands of time. Happyand delighted, tales of rats, tales of horse and pony shows, dances of love and hate. Hats to wear, goats and sheep, food to eat, another day....Chinese New Year Parade 2015 in New York Chinatown....Back in the day, May 5, 2013, lots of love, hopes and desires, goats and sheep, games played. Snakes in the grass.....Grass: Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?: Steven Jay Jarrot of Anyway Transportation at 50925 Paradise West Drive #2, La Quinta ,Ca lives with his mother. So the tale is about a guy and a girl who had been traveling together for a season, and when the season was up, had to redone parts that had not been completed. Most of the people that cross our paths, are there for a season, reason or a cause. 

The Offices of Charles R. Jarrot - Beverly Hills, CA ... - Manta

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