Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blue And Green, Signs In Sky, Bright Ligts

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One day out of life, a holiday each day, birthday hits, blue lights in the sky, happy to share, the views of the lights of the stars that shine at night. Tips and tales, joys and pains, bumps in the road, sunny and bright, witty and wise, bumps in the road, stories to write, daily events to write every day, love for history, love to record, happy for me, to live life on beach. Earth angel, to get and to give, out and in, up and down, days of love and hate, haters and lovers, in the light of day,  in the light of the sky, out in the world, on the sands of time. Trips to the heavens, trips to the woods, trips to get out of this life, as a bird for a minute, as a rat racing to the end of time. Happy to share, the stories of love and hate, goats and sheep, back in the day.

Life is a beach, then you expire, joys an dances to do, pleasures to eat, pleasures to give back, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the real and the adobe in houses, homeless veterans with kids, the kids without parents. Dead parents, dead friends, dead and buried, gone from the light of day, dead and in the ground, thanks for the lights that were on in your time, thanks for the joys. Thanks to the heavens, thanks to Mars, March Fourth, the best is yet to cum, glory days in the sunny, birds and bees, songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Peace and love, peace and hope, hope fires to burn, burning since the start of time.

Fire colors, blue and purple, peace and hope, colors to burn, food to eat, dates on the sands of time, pages in a book, more to write, just the tip of the mountain tops. Views of a bird, views of a dogface butterfly, views of an earth angel, with broken wings. Trips to earth, in a hand basket, in a den of snakes, for a moment in time. Trips to hell and back, hell hounds loose, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, snakes and frogs, lovers and haters, sinners and saints, frogs for the low roads, on the rimes of the wheels, in the dark, all of their lives, out for them selves, and the cows and the other land whales. Jokes and retards, bastket cases, favorites of yours, pages on the wind, candles to blow, bones in a box, sad and blue, faces covered up, dead in a box. Who is next...

Horses to water, veterans to the Music Exchange Group, at Ella Doce Casas De Mayo Del California, gifts to share, paperwork to complete, help for the cash on the table for veterans, just the beginning of the services and products on the table waiting for the requests on paper. Take the cash and run, it is ready for the veterans that stop, make new plans, to stand tall, and walk the walk to the bank. Cash forever, gifts waiting for you, write the paperwork for the stories, that will give you cash for the time served. Why not, drink the water, after the race, horses to water for the rewards, of a good run , for the good of the county. Help is waiting for you, ask for it, gifts to share with the cash on the table, gifts to share with the stories stuck in your hear.

Snakes and frogs, games to play, jokes and laughs, bumps in the road, happy for another day here, tips and tales of snakes and frogs. Joys and pleasures to write daily, love and hate, goats and sheep, stories to write, trips to hell and back. Love of light, love of songs to sing, how great and wonderful life is , to sleep for a minute or two is okay, to sleep all your life, is a sad story, tricks to trade, the curves to shot, games of life, ball games, balls in the air, trips to hell in hand baskets, snakes and frogs. Snakes with more than two heads, gifts to share, stories to write, candles in and candles out, blue peace in the seven seas, hope to shine, purple colors.

Angels alert to the signs of the times. Angels alert to the acts of true love and devotion. The love for the man and the love of a woman, gifts of the folds of pink. Gifts from the centers of the heat, gifts for the frogs kissed, gifts for the dead time. Dead time while asleep, the wolves got in and ate the shark, but because of a problem with eating, had to much and the food came back up. Thank god for heart burn turkeys in the sky? Turkeys do not fly. Turkish Cuban Transplants-Land whales, searches for prey, bitches in heat, butches for control, trips around the world, trips to the dark sides of the moon.

Ball Games, Balls In Air, Goods Out (Upland) Friends to find, good times to get the balls out, party and play, party and trade, dicks in line, suckings skills, oral talents to shine,lick and suck you long time. Balls in the air, good time,trades up in air....GUYS READY? Sluts and snakes, Rachel and Rach Jay, Sima Jarrot, tricks to trade, dicks in line. Suck you long time, cash or credit, cheap tricks, smokes?  GANGBANG TONIGHT - w4mm I'M A WHITE/LATIN FEMALE 20. I'M READY TO GET GANG BANGED BY 15 GUYS. MUST BE BETWEEN 25-45. CLEAN AND DDF A MUST. BYOB PLEASE. REPLY BACK BEFORE 2 A.M. FOR ADDRESS. 7..6..0..8..5..1..2267....dates for trades....rach...steve...sheri...sima...charley....dicks to suck, nuts and go, day jobs....

Party and play pimp, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, day job, sucking dicks, shit to trade, party tonight, every day. RV camper for life. Happy times are here again for Sheila, and the lessons that needed to be learned:have been studied well. Lessons learned and time to move on and out. Steven Jarrot, seven snakes, monkey to dodge, tales about him. Gay and happy, full of hot air, buller shiter, shit flying now...I AM VERY GLAD TO SAY LITTLE BUTCH, RACH JAY, BALD OR NOT, IS THE ONE PUSSY LICK THE MOST FOR ME ALWAYS SWEET. RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR BACK AND HAS BEEN REGROWTH SINCE FEBRUARY.....Address: Richman Financial Corporation 9025 #301, Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211....Phone:(310) 777-7889......Hours: Open today · 9AM–6PM

Dream Life, Cartoon Hits, Castles In the Sky, Heavens Gates 

Jewish Dreams, dream life for Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lots ...

To take, to give, to share, the tips and the tales of snake, snakes to dodge, in another life, done with them, just stories to write, love and hate, sheep and goats, homes to houses, snake in dens, snakes can from a bigger snakes. What a life, to be a snake, out to stay alive, anyway how, does it matter? Angels alert to the signs of the times. Angels alert to the acts of true love and devotion. 

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  1. Reflections today, third party views.This was an email, that I got from my sister from another mother, and how upset she still is about learning the type of frog the bullfrog really is or reptile that has not learned any new life lessons since Fairfax High School in Holly weird, California-when dirt was young-(Steve/Eve/Adam 4 Adam Jarrot) still dump as rocks? Brains exchanged for trains, so sad just senseless now, and full of self as always. You can share your views are not, these are written history, okay you know, recorded..