Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blue Hits, Lucky Blue Stars, Hats To Heads, Covered Up

Another life, as a fairy, as a witch, as a frog, as a fish, rats to races, daily events. To help or to hurt, blue and sad, lessons on love and hate, good and bad, joys and pleasures, songs on the radio. Feelings to give away, views and noses, hurt to give the negiture views, of the monkeys this year, the year of the monkeys, will stories to write. Trips to hell done, time on the cross over, dances with snakes in the sands, on the beaches in a RV done, turning the pages, moving on. Still left to think, how things could have been, searching for knights to save the lady in pain. Love and light, love in the sun, love in the dances at night, love in the fires burning. 

Fire colors, blue and purple, peace and hope, colors to burn, food to eat, dates on the sands of time, pages in a book, more to write, just the tip of the mountain tops. Views of a bird, views of a dogface butterfly, views of an earth angel, with broken wings. Trips to earth, in a hand basket, in a den of snakes, for a moment in time. Trips to hell and back, hell hounds loose, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, snakes and frogs, lovers and haters, sinners and saints, frogs for the low roads, on the rimes of the wheels, in the dark, all of their lives, out for them selves, and the cows and the other land whales. Jokes and retards, bastket cases, favorites of yours, pages on the wind, candles to blow, bones in a box, sad and blue, faces covered up, dead in a box. Who is next...

Horses to water, veterans to the Music Exchange Group, at Ella Doce Casas De Mayo Del California, gifts to share, paperwork to complete, help for the cash on the table for veterans, just the beginning of the services and products on the table waiting for the requests on paper. Take the cash and run, it is ready for the veterans that stop, make new plans, to stand tall, and walk the walk to the bank. Cash forever, gifts waiting for you, write the paperwork for the stories, that will give you cash for the time served. Why not, drink the water, after the race, horses to water for the rewards, of a good run , for the good of the county. Help is waiting for you, ask for it, gifts to share with the cash on the table, gifts to share with the stories stuck in your hear. 

Image result for sima jarrot: snakes

Castle for sale, in Italy, my house dreams, to share, dates with rite knights, battles to fight. Lady to save, moons to catch, tears to seas, sailing the seas, ship of dreams to share. Hand out to help, the lost, the displace, in China, new job. Houses for the homeless in China to start. Right? Fighting to live, to take a stand for good not evil, ready to shine in the lights of dazes in the sunlight.Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness  found in the herds of sheep on top of the ground once. Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods.

Out of the woods, back on high ground, out of the dirt, ready to shine a brighter light, earth angels, pixies, and fairies, out of the rocks. Second form of life to live, within the skins of the young at heart. Kids full of fun, joys and games, teaching new classes in classic fairy tales. Second time to try again to teach the lessons needed for the trips to the lands at the end of the rainbows.


  1. Daily events, to win, to lose, have fun, and treat others like your parents, that you love a lot, gifts to share, joys and pains, bumps in the road, all the colors of the rainbows. Love and hate, lovers and haters, ways to heal, ways to touch, gifts of lovers to dates, old times tips to make love, not hate. Classic lovemaking techniques, reinterpreted for today lovers. books to read. Fairies, they are out at the end of the rainbow. Stories, tales, and tips of love and hate, songs to sing, Songs to sing, gifts to share, birds and bees, dances on the side of the road, frogs to dodge, what a great day, to be above ground. Sunny and bright lights, out in the dogwood trees, pieces of a dream, pieces of the rainbow. 

  2. Birds to Fly, Games In The air, Joys and Pains, Love and Hate, Life On the shores, live is a beach, life as a bird, life as an earth angel, with broken wings. Out of love, out of hate, sad and blue, waiting to start over again. Out of my mind most of the time, jokes and laughs, happy and sad, great day to be alive. Every day is a great day, a wonderful day above ground, happy as a lark, happy as a bubble gum in the mouth of a kid, the young at heart, the kids for life, the only way to the best you can be.

    Mothers and fathers the role models of a better life, or not. Have to make your own way, have to climb your own mountains, have to have your own hard knocks, to the schools of hard knocks we all go. Lessons to learn alone the paths taken, on your journey, your life, to change every day.