Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thanks again for the reply,I want to see if ou had interest in this issues as well. There is the begining just for your desires, I have more things, that need to be address as well. Housing for Veterans in another project that I am working on in the Counties in Southern California, we need houses with terms to purchase for the transitional veterans, but before that here is a short station break for breaking news, and skills requested to get to the next step.

" Amen" with a lot of likes 🙏🏽 
Alanni Ellsberry God will always take care of people. He does it everyday. God didn't fail anything and I resent anyone who says he is a failure. This little girl is God's child and he has His hands over her. P.s always capatilize God. He is the one nd only and deserves the highest praise. Jonah Vandyke Wow, this guy posts nothing but gods failures and people just lap it up. God has failed in every case here, either to protect from harm or to properly form in the womb. But amen y'all, amen.  
Plus, who the heck posts pics of the disables and injured just so they can get likes and shares?! 

I don't care what anyone say , She's still cute & blessed 😭🙏🏽❤️

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