Friday, September 30, 2016

Lovers And Haters: Crooks, Cheaters: Liars Snakes, Dicks, Dogs, Bitches With Stars, Hats And Horns.

Rachel Jarrot, wigs to wear, horns out of sight. Butch to date, dyke to dance, good times, skin to bare, friends for dimes, moments to share, cheap tricks, love for sale. Sex and drugs, tin can affairs, RV camper for life. Jewish whales on land, sharks in the waters, plenty of frogs in the water, plenty of fish in the seas, lovers and haters, hats and horns. Love and hate, hounds to run, horns of a goat, kids to play, daily lessons, how to stand tall. Hare Matters: Hairs to you, bald heads to show, bad hair days, with $6000 wigs, way to ride, trips by plane for free, daddy to lick, balls and docks, cum to balls, tasteful treats. Just like daddy, Steven Jarrot, just like livers and livers, Sima and Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, crook since age 14, old people to die, frogs in line. Tip on land whale, crook, cheater and liar, bitch on Facebook, not Maya Silva, snake in that account. Snakes in Grass: 14 Crooks: Age Of Darkness, Patterns Set: Recaps To Recall. Steven J. Jarrot, crooks, cheaters, liars, cum suckers, fuckers for asses to kiss, steal from family, why not you....Charles R. Jarrot, stole $160,000, from his dad, at the age of 14, took, Steven Jarrot, 2 years to find out. Lots of love for a snake in the grass, lots of luck, lots of tests over time, lots of hard knocks for stupids, retards, and basket cases.

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  1. Bumps in the road, birds and bees, flowers to see, songs to sing, glory days done. Tips to grow, tips to flip upside down, trips to hell and back, trips to make you stronger. Thanks for a definitions of sinners and saints, ships to pass in the night, good times, bumps in the road, potholes in the yellow bricks, dreams lives. How many animals under your skin, land whales...Days in the sun, days on the shores, dazes of dark lights, snakes and frogs. Dances in the dark, dances in the rain, happy and delighted, to share a tale or two.

    Snake in the grass or bullfrog, or just a bi guy, Steven Jarrot.Lights On Steven and Rachel Jarrot - Snakes in Grass Toad in the hole: Grass snake swallows it before spitting it Snake Swinger: Graves to you, graves to me, go. Gifts given
    Steven Jay Jarrot/ Prince Frogs -Snake in the Grass Alert ...