Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Horns To Hide: The Fairy and the Frog: Prince of Frog:Jewish Style

Sheep Leaders.....Hit Me,Best Shots...Winds Blue West.Bottle Blonde Bimbos...Best time to share, tips and tales, lovers and haters, lights to share, dances in darkness, sinners and saints. Tips and tales, not perfect, not interested in normal views, noses in the air, guess of rites. Dances with lights. Rainbow Racers, Rainbow Riders, Rainbow To Read, Unicorns Delights. horns and goats, love and hate, horns to sound. Good times, dances in the rains, goodness and mercy, angels in the air, gifts and hands to spare. Wishes and dreams, hopes and desires, angels in host, angels with wings, angels to help, not to harm. Lessons in love, lessons in hate, lessons for a teacher or a student, classes on the sands of ties and time. Wheels to turn, pages to turn, roads to travel, bumps in the road, joys and pains, ways to grow. Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.Signs up in the air, seven kings, seven queens, pieces of a dream. Seven signs: cards flashing, cards flipping. Seven high knives in the air, queens on cards in the power of the number, good times. Rewards given for hands out to help the lost and confused.

Monday, April 22, 2013: Life is a Race: 2 Strike: Snake in Grass: Dicks Out of Box: Enough Charms: Game Over: October 16, 2013 : Another example of the yellow snakes at work, snake dens full of the low standards, lights out to fool others. Snake in grass, delete the history in one place, no all the places where data was stored, big pictures out of focus here.Tricked and pimped, dream life in hell, suckers on the beach: hell hounds to rob and steal, cash and credit lines. $1500 times.. Queens, steers, and queers, oral talents for sale. Hell hound on the beach, $37, 000 stolen in 2013, burned saved by ghosts.Red riding hood, in Redlands, CA, August 17, 2012, signs in the sky, smoke and fire. Wood Heats Fires: American Toads:

Angels here now. Angels in heaven, angels in hell, trips to take. Lessons to learn, fairy tales in past, bible stories to share. Gifts in songs, words to tell, schools of hard knocks. Dances in the rain, seas of tears to cross, sunny and bright for dazes. Dances in the dark, darkness in the woods. Girls in red hoods. Danger in the woods, frogs and snakes, monkeys on trees. Games to pay, games with freaks to pay. Monkeys and snakes, into the woods, worlds away. Life as a candle in the wind. Lights out, dazes done in darkness, fools and frogs, food for fun. Snakes and frogs to fry, nights in the dark, hell to pay. Gifts of blames, fingers pointed at self. Acts and deeded recorded, history on ice. Dates in gardens of hate, bones in abox, asses to ashes. Dead, undead, unstable freaks in the woods.

Whale on land..Princess Whale, Sheri Jarrot. Waste of cum, should have gone out with condom instead. Butch, bitch and whale on land to date today 7603601613Dream girl without make-up and hair around her eyes, still hairless Rachel Jarrot 7609020855 whales on land, and Steven Jarrot, fruits and nuts to go.Cum Drip-Sheri Jarrot, 7603601613, whale on land to date.Hogs and cattle, freaks and frogs, good times to party and play the nights away, dream life to have different asses on your face, lover for one is not the case, to much sex and the eyes goes batty for frogs, or craps under the rocks, under the sands of time, snakes, frogs, and cattle callers out to rob your blind, time and attention to spare for the freaks out at night?.

Lots of love to share, lots of luck in the cards, lots of lessons learned, dances in the darkness, angels to guide, goodness and mercy, host of angels to follow. Love and luck, coins to flip, cards to read, games to play, life on the beach...dream life, to dream your life away.....The Fairy and the Frog: The Fairy and the Frog: Prince of Frog:Jewish Styl... The Fairy and the Frog: Prince of Frog:Jewish Style comments are good, updates there, life on the beach, RV campers... Lyons Dick Wonders: Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style happy and gay people, Steven Jarrot:7608512267 or 7607778998..dead yet?.. 

Butterflies, Pixies, Tales and Treats: Angels And Devils, Cows And Bitches, Buffalo Runs:

Interview: Obamacare, What’s Your Take?Who cares, to share their view, their noses on the matter, not a lot of interest, Rachel Jarrot, pages of hats and wigs on bald heads, lots of luck for hares. Third party views. Turning pages, lessons learned, classes on the sands of time, monkeys to dodge, tricks to trade, pimps and cheap tricks, movie parts to trade. Jokes to share, gang bang rules, tricks and monkeys, tips online. 4 Corners, Steven and Rach Jay, Sheri, Sima Jarrot, pimps and cheap tricks to date, 7608512267. 4 Goat horns: love and hate, goats and sheep, witches to tell, ghosts and spooks, tales from the dead. Family and friends that have expired, dead and in the water. Mean Girls, the movie of charms and wits, hate and love, coins tossed in the air. Lots of roles of mean and nasty chicks, rites to come out of the box, fags and hags, dykes and butches, faces of snakes in the grass. 

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  1. Cows,Cattle, And Cattle calls, Steven Jarrot: 7603601613: Party and play today in Ventura, CA. RV Camper. Crook. Cheater. Dream partner for life, yours?Freak for the true colors, male fag hag, the right story to share, hemal of the Jewish flip side of the coin. Lover of self, and lovers of cum to trade for tasteful pleasures, role model of the worst kind, depends....Once a snake, will remain a snake, changes skins nine times a year, nature of the beast.

    Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steven Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group.

    Ready for What? Going though the woods, trees spread across the fields of dreams in action, gifts of views , gifts of words about the flip sides of the coins. Great view of the world, gifts to share of the joys and pains with the bumps in the roads. Good times to party and play with a whale on land? Steven, Rachel, Sheri Jarrot? 7608512267 to date a freak today.

    Jokes for the frogs, jokes for the freaks out late at night, searching for the cum fountain for the fun and games, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, examples of good, bad and ugly deeds done in the names of love and hate, horns on a goat, for the joys and pains of a sunny daze in his world. Gifts to share with oral skills of a frog for the drugs, sex and the rolls in the hay. Turns taken daily to sit and spin on the faces of the cum drinkers, for the tasteful delights of the family members, Rachel, Sheri, Charles R. Jarrot, the jackasses dead, undead and unstable, facing the fires of the schools of hard knocks.

    Enough for the Charmed...Songs to sing of the joys and pains of life with a wolf in the hen house, cum sucker to date for the tricks at night, meth drug dealer and oral expert on craigslist. Steven Jarrot, 7607778998 tricks or trades for good times on the beach. Dicks will do nicely with a chick for a decoy, oral talents for dicks and chick tonight. Drugs for sex, tricks to trade for turns to sit for oral attention, from an oral expert in tribe of freaks and whales on land.

    Game Over....Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, snake in grass, monkey in glasses to see, turns on his face, catchers delights. Dicks cum on his face, cum on his backside, dicks in his mouth, pitchers in line. Simple, shallow and dim wits to share good times with. Happy and gay lifestyle, open season for dicks on the down low, in Upland, Montclair, Ventura, Indio, La Quinta, and the beaches.