Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dead Asleep, Lost And Found, Joys And Pleasures, Wolves For Pets. Birds To Fly.

Tales and free rides, sluts to go, Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Head, wigs and caps to hide the horns. Lovers once, back in time, fag came out of box, fag came out to stay, glory holes open wide. Donkeys to ride. Sluts and chicks that are dogs, rides for free, planes and train to run. Glory holes to open, Rach Jay, dyke for moves, butches for movies, dances for bucks. Tales of sluts and kids without hair, Rachel Jarrot, golden cow for treats. Hands out for more, cash and asses to fuck, good times, party on.
His story, is the life to dream of in his mind. He is a white, guy that is gay, and has a RV for a home, and sits on brains at the beach......The Maxwell Daily Reader draws its unique power from an ageless truth: the heart of leadership is created through actions, put into practice one day at a time. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267-His story, is the life to dream of in his mind. He is a white, guy that is gay, and has a RV for a home, and sits on brains at the beach..Write, Rites, Right, Moot?Calm Seas and Blue Skies.Serpents, Reptiles, Jewish White Stars, Lights On.Snakes, Vipers, Serpents in the dens? BLOG ARCHIVE▼ 2015 (24)▼ February (16)Tricks by RV Parties....Sheep Leaders.....Hit Me,Best Shots...Winds Blue West.Bottle Blonde Binbos Best time to share, tips and tales, lovers and haters, lights to share, dances in darkness, sinners and saints. Tips and tales, not perfect, not interested in normal views, noses in the air, guess of rites. Dances with lights. Rainbow Racers, Rainbow Riders, Rainbow To Read, Unicorns Delights. horns and goats, love and hate, horns to sound. Good times, dances in the rains, goodness and mercy, angels in the air, gifts and hands to spare. Wishes and dreams, hopes and desires, angels in host, angels with wings, angels to help, not to harm. Lessons in love, lessons in hate, lessons for a teacher or a student, classes on the sands of ties and time. Wheels to turn, pages to turn, roads to travel, bumps in the road, joys and pains, ways to grow.

Angels on earth, cat or mouse, large size for a rat, girl is brave: earth angels on the ground, angels in host to fight. Stars bright tonight, wishes in the sky, darkness needed for stars to shine bright. Whale hello there, rats and cows, snakes to eat, cooks in the house.Signs up in the air, seven kings, seven queens, pieces of a dream. Seven signs: cards flashing, cards flipping. Seven high knives in the air, queens on cards in the power of the number, good times. Rewards given for hands out to help the lost and confused. 

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