Friday, March 13, 2015

Twisted and Bend

Happy Dazes Again: Hello Mom: Thanks so much for Franky Trees, he makes me laugh during the dazes on the beach. Tall as a tree, roots planted for eons in time. racing horse with white knights, eyes blue. You have been on my mind for dazes. I wrote a short letter in the sand to you, and the rest of the band of angels, in the sky. Thanks so much for the Biker boy, he was such a delight to meet. Took a trip back in time to Grandmother, 1978, the outright dead. Jim Jones, and his tribe of lost souls, searching for a new way to live. King Stupid of the religious, 900 people dead on cool aid.

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How dumb is that? Happy to share my views, my grandmother, Mary Jane Bailey, was part of that group. 900 dead in a day, what a record, who could desire to break that record? Hello Grandmother Mary, I missed you so much, and it was another day in hell, the day before Thanksgiving in 1978. I found the last resting place in Hayward, CA. What a sad and lonely place, got there on the day time jump up a hour. Was not award that was the day of the year. Got lost first, Bank of American, and the lost bank card. Hated the start of the day, running late out of the gate, searching for a bank card to buy gas to go on the road. Took a step back 45 minutes to search for this card. A lost cause done early. What a way to start the day at  running on late, searching for a lost cause, a bank card.

 You are your family, three parts of life to live, as a child, as a parent, and as a grandparent, teacher or student your whole life. Mountains to climb, that you get to choose, at the pace you set for the brighter dazes over the rainbows. Flashing thoughts, where is that card, time to get rolling, time to race to Huntington beach for the Biker boy from New Year, Franky Trees, the Santa clause for the fairy for the last dazes in Cali. The trips back in time, the trips to right the wrongs of the snakes, and the fake friends. The start of a brand new day, on the sidelines of the New York state of mind. Thanks so much Billy Joel, for the songs to tell the stories of the fires that we live. We did not start the fires, the fires were already started, and we have been keeping the fires going.

Happy and delighted for the chances to make the choices of the views of the rainbows, choices to make about the trips around the where.  Snakes and frogs, games to play, jokes and laughs, bumps in the road, happy for another day here, tips and tales of snakes and frogs. Joys and pleasures to write daily, love and hate, goats and sheep, stories to write, trips to hell and back. Love of light, love of songs to sing, how great and wonderful life is , to sleep for a minute or two is okay, to sleep all your life, is a sad story, tricks to trade, the curves to shot, games of life, ball games, balls in the air, trips to hell in hand baskets, snakes and frogs. Snakes with more than two heads, gifts to share, stories to write, candles in and candles out, blue peace in the seven seas, hope to shine, purple colors.

Another view, another side of the coin, love and hate, love and devotion, loved w

 happiness, jumps for joy, jumps for the bumps in the road. Happy and delighted, w

with the horse in the barn, the steer that has fought many battles, battles blues

love and devotion, and the rites of a man.

The boy from New York City, girl from San Diego, east and west to dances together, songs to sing, dances for the lights of the blue eyes. God's eye in my hands for years, thanks for the dances done for the races on the sands of time. Life, love and happiness in the trees, Top Trees was a gift from the heart, thanks so much for the love and attention. Thanks so much for the lights of dazes done with the bumps in the road.

Done with the frogs, done with the snakes, done with the fake friends. Horses to water, mules to water, jackasses to water, birds of a race will flock together. Turkeys and eagles, great white sharks, me and notes founds, flips.Whales on lands, whales on seas, whales and the flips of the seas, on the sands and the surfs. Great white sharks, being eaten by killers whales, by flipping them and eat them alive. The recaplitions with life with land whales, and land sharks, trips of the trades, suckers for the evil deeds of a hell hound. 

Steven Jarrot, and his band of mules, gifts of oral delights, charmer snake in the grass. Once a snake always a snake, a frog and American Toad. Leader of a pack of hell hounds, date a snake with good looks, and lack of 6 cans for a 6 pack, dream mate. Love partner, life partner, lies and twisted turths and honesty, truth and honesty, punch lines. Party like a Jewish Person, better than a rock star, stands for the black and whales of the matter, whales on land, whales on the seas, kill a shark by fliping over to dream a little dream, and eat whole. Thank God it did not happen, thank god for the fires in the RV, thanks for the signs from the stars.

Land 2015,760360613 Fruits and nuts in the tribe. 7609020855. Randy, Rachel, Steven, Sheri, Charles R., Jacqline the $10 Million thief, Allstate fake claims, how many this month? Family practice, and lines of cash for the doctored damages, tell about this one, how much for shit stolen?  Sima Jarrot, snakes of the world of frogs. Kissed a frog-Steven Jarrot, Mules for the pills of dung, RV campers to date.

......need account help. hacker deleted account, get back in place....nice picture, thanks, sleeping lion. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?...Enough for the Charmed....Game Over......Snakes in the Grass

Cages for the freaks, cages for the cattle and the cattle callers, cages for the frogs to date for the party and play time on the beach. Gifts to share for the deeds and the actions done, changes for the cages for the frogs on the beach, dates in the dated RV by the beach in Ventura, Ca for the year of 2014, and the start of 2015. Tricks, trades, dicks to suck for the free will and the chances to flip a car

Thanks so much for the little girl, thanks so much for the love of the kids within, lessons learned, can not fix people short of brains. Can not fix snakes. Can not fix dense and dumb. My lesson learned is that we can not fix broken people, if they live in glass houses, and the are the land whales, searching for prey to rob blind. Free will on the lines, with the good looks of the hell hounds, talks about what you have, and cheat, steal and take for self on 13 levels. Daddy for the little girls lost, daddy for the kisses of cum to drink, suck the free will out, dead again.  

Dogwood  butterflies  for the dogwood trees in the woods. Out of the woods, back on high ground, out of the dirt, ready to shine a brighter light, earth angels, pixies, and fairies, out of the rocks. Second form of life to live, within the skins of the young at heart. Kids full of fun, joys and games, teaching new classes in classic fairy tales. Second time to try again to teach the lessons needed for the trips to the lands at the end of the rainbows. Good times on top of the mountains, flying high as a bird or a butterfly, new lives in the second form, to fly away from darkness. Goodness and mercy angels out all the time, hands out to help up, the lost and displaced earth angels. Sleep on their backs, trapped in a dazes, with the land whales. Dying daily while in a dazes, hell hounds in dens of snakes, being eaten alive. Wake up and smell the roses, wake up the girls, waiting for real lights of rights, reasons, and rites of passages. Good times to share, gifts to exchange, tales and stories, while trapped in the darkness. Dogwood butterflies for the new births, for the rebirths, of dreams, wishes and prayers. Good times, happy dazes in the sun, fun and games on the beach. Dances in the wind, fairies, pixies and earth angels. Goodness and mercy angels, here to repair and restore. Happy notes on the right side of the grave. Trips on the seven seas, sailing tomorrow for a trip to the moon, under the stars.

Travelers Walks: Wow, great picture....Rainbows, why the sign in the sky? Site lights for the stars, the darkness and the shadows, would you travel by rainbow or plane. Dreams and  dances in the wind, birds in the sky, dreams or dances for the gifts to share of the sunny dazes on the right sides of the moon. Trips to spaces, trips to lands across the world, doing the threes, doing the fours, dances in the wind, songs to sing dances to do. Pictures in my head, trips and adventures daily to share. Fairy tales about the ships passing in the night. Snow White and the 7 short men, grave diggers, miners of the colored rocks, deep in the woods. A great story of acts of kindness, hands out to help the young maiden in times of her troubles. Tales on the dark sides,  in her family, wolves hiding between the trees branches. Just another fairy tale, great story lines, the hidden messages of true love. 


  1. Happy Friday, Land Whales, Seven Snakes Within, the hell hounds. 7608512267. Jarrot Whales on Land 2015,760360613 Fruits and nuts in the tribe. 7609020855. Randy, Rachel, Steven, Sheri, Charles R., Jacqline the $10 Million thief, Allstate fake claims, how many this month? Family practice, and lines of cash for the doctored damages, tell about this one, how much for shit stolen? Sima Jarrot, snakes of the world of frogs. Kissed a frog-Steven Jarrot, Mules for the pills of dung, RV campers to date.

  2. Angels alert to the signs of the times. Angels alert to the acts of true love and devotion. The love for the man and the love of a woman, gifts of the folds of pink. Gifts from the centers of the heat, gifts for the frogs kissed, gifts for the dead time. Dead time while asleep, the wolves got in and ate the shark, but because of a problem with eating, had to much and the food came back up. Thank god for heart burn turkeys in the sky? Turkeys do not fly. Turkish Cuban Transplants-Land whales, searches for prey, bitches in heat, butches for control, trips around the world, trips to the dark sides of the moon.

  3. Girls in Woods, Girls on the way to the light of day, Grandmothers the other part, of a stool with three legs, in a girls life. The mother, the grandmother, and the young girl, part of the life as a girl, to grow and expands, to the three stages of life. Life is a dream, life is a dance, life is as your mother, after your life as a girl, have a kid or two, then become another person, with another hat, hats for hair, hats for life. Hats in purple, the color or hope, hates in blue the color of peace, hats in green. color for life, green cash in the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. On your your path, on your journey of life in the fast lanes, rats to races, daily events.

    Life is a beach, then you expire, joys an dances to do, pleasures to eat, pleasures to give back, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the real and the adobe in houses, homeless veterans with kids, the kids without parents. Dead parents, dead friends, dead and buried, gone from the light of day, dead and in the ground, thanks for the lights that were on in your time, thanks for the joys. Thanks to the heavens, thanks to Mars, March Fourth, the best is yet to cum, glory days in the sunny, birds and bees, songs to sing, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Peace and love, peace and hope, hope fires to burn, burning since the start of time.