Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stands:New York State

Tales of Tin
In the power of the numbers, counting the stars, counting the letters, rules of numbers always on top. Hill tops, tree tops, tops of the mountains climbed. Gifts to share from the heavens, gifts to share with the numbers, gifts to share for the super-stars, thanks to the little mothers, thanks to the earth angels, thanks to the whales and sharks, thanks for the lessons learned, in the power of the twos, in the power of a dozen, in the power of one. All in one, tin men swinging for the freaks out at night, the fools and the frogs, lost and traped in the fours and the fives.

Fairy tales, and the hidden messages, notes for the gods above, notes for the mules, and the frogs, goats and the horns noted: love and hate, flip the coin, count the numbers for the prices. I cum in peace, I cum in heat, I cum in the power of the 7s, to the end of time. Teacher now of the numbers, cum and sail away today. Pittbull in Minim, thanks for the questions on the land whales, Steven Jarrot, dead head, meth head, sad and blue, looking for a mule, or a hemal, to be the beast of buddle, freak with head in ass, so far....

Gits to share of the lessons learned. Sailor-Sally Anne D'Silva, last ghost for the huntington beach location. Back to square one, the direstions, for travel, up down and accross, travel the numbers to greatness. Lucky dayzes for the good, bad and ugly. Periods of darkness needed for the stars to shine at night.

Light your candles, lift up your lights, tell a tale, write a song, do a dance for the good times. Time of your life, Pitbull-great song, everyday is the best day so far, gifts of the cloud castle in the sky. Greeting from the queen of numbers, sea hag, Pixie Dust in Newport Beach on the west coast. Just put the tin man on the plane to the 3s, and the 4s, undercover as a tree hugger, to go to Rome, Muscow, and places to party with the start of the race. Lessons in the numbers up to 12, bakers dozen best, out of the gate 15 ring, parents higher numbers to the end of time. Gifts to share daily.

Morning class, notes to New York City, Franky Trees listen up. Katz in the cradle, baby rocking the boat. 2 kittys playing games on the beach. Lost my three lines, lost your number. 
Here is the big one, 2 are terrible always, I did not have mind, and you left me to have it on Julie, and Angie. Shame on you. Father Time, not Franky Trees, or Frankie Trees, in NEW YORK CITY,,,,,

Get out of the fives, get the fours, a dick, a dog, a cando monkey, for the trps out of this world, fairy tales to restore. Read a book, Red and Wolf. Edge of the earth art, Huntington Beach on Tuesday, Rachel Walker for the view in the darkness, in the shadows.

Both, in the fours, and in the fives, faces change, horse and pony shows to complete for the classes in place, want to fly away.....


  1. Hope and fires, dreams of life for a moment in time, trips to the beach, trips to the moon and back, good times. Dreams in motion, dancing words, dancing dreams in my head, songs to create, songs to play, good times, to stand still. Gifts of words, tales in the air, good and bad, bumps in the road. Dreams in colors, dreams of hope, dreams of a better life, dreams in motion, moons to lights, good times. Knights to shine, moons white, darkness for the stars, gifts of dreams. Dreams of love, dreams of trees to climb, dreams of dances on the sands of time. Love and hate, to hurt sometimes, life is hare, for the bumps in the road, the only thing that makes us fell alive. Darkness for the dreams, for the knights to quest, time to stand still. Parks for the walks, walks on the sands of time, trips to hell and back. Darkness for the dreams, lights on after the sunsets, stars out.

  2. Wow, great picture. Count me in that religion today, forever and now. KINDNESS CHURCH. Out of darkness and the shadows. Dreams. Fighting to live, to take a stand for good not evil, ready to shine in the lights of dazes in the sunlight.Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness in the herds. Under waters now.

    BUDDIEST ARE BELIEVERS OF REINCARNATION; GOD, WITH JESUS CHRIST AS GOD'S SON, IS MY RELIGION AND GOD IS MY EVERYTHING Travelers Walks: Wow, great out of water, mermaids real fun for young at heart. Out of darkness and the shadows. Dreams. Fighting to live, to take a stand for good not evil, ready to shine in the lights of dazes in the sunlight.Starting with the stones and gems found buried under the piles darkness in the herds. Under waters now.

    Steven Jarrot, and his band of mules, gifts of oral delights, charmer snake in the grass. Once a snake always a snake, a frog and American Toad. Leader of a pack of hell hounds, date a snake with good looks, and lack of 6 cans for a 6 pack, dream mate. Love partner, life partner, lies and twisted truths and honesty, truth and honesty, punch lines.

    Party like a Jewish Person, better than a rock star, stands for the black and whales of the matter, whales on land, whales on the seas, kill a shark by flipping over to dream a little dream, and eat whole. Thank God it did not happen, thank god for the fires in the RV, thanks for the signs from the stars.