Tuesday, October 11, 2016

G. I. JOES, thanks so much. Gifts of lives lost, faces blown away, Wars And Battles Won: Homeless Blues.

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  1. Passion for writing. I write my journals online, of the bumps in the road, friends with snake faces, people in their animal faces.Things to grow and expand, crazy for a fee, more money on table to take. Mistakes in the military, updates to write for more cash. Forever with me baby girl 💛💜👼🏻Cash for me, cash for my kids, cash for school, and cash for a new life, quests today. Work everyday to write fairy tales, my life today, gifts in words used, to share.-Monkeys In Packs, Donkeys To Hats and horns, love and hate, horns of goats, sheep and masses, plenty of fish in the seas.