Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stars And Lights, Dances In The Air, Tin Can Affairs, Frogs And Fish, Notes On History.

American Veterans. Dances in the wind, dances on the sands of time, time to take a stand. Lovers and haters, back in the day, love and hate, horns to blow, goat horns, the love, the hate, which side to watch. Coins to flip, cards to flip, lights to shine, bets for what, free life. True blue turns to love and to hate, classes on the beaches, to do more than once, tricks and trades done instead. To do again, twice is the normal for frogs and fish, that live under the sands. ...Lions To Roars, Angels On Earth, Happy And Delights, Tales Told, Glory Dazes Done.

Let's Make Out, Steven Jarrot: Dicks Out Of Box, Fags And Freaks, Cheap Tricks, Glory Holes Open. Fags, Mags, Bags, Hags, Sheri And Steven Jarrot, Dreams In Drama, Dicks Out Of Box. Snakes In The Grass: Let's Make Out/Dicks Out Of Box Please. Free Rides, Turtles To Water, Boats To Float, Dead Or Alive, Faces In Sands.

Dreams Lives To Rats, Races On Clocks, Horse To Rats, Racers To Color. Steven Jarrot, faces of dogs, bitches in heat, role player, glory holes open wide. Dicks in lines, gangs of dicks, cum for the tasteful delights. Lights to share, darkness with snakes in grass, third party views. History to note. Fags And Hags, CoD Everywhree, Sima And Rachel Jarrot, Wigs And Caps On, Tricks On Dates. Frozen In Time, Marking History, Earth Angels Every One, Pages Of Lessons To Learn. Games Played, Winners And Losers, Hats To Wars, Battles Of Wits, Dream Lives....Trips to hell and b... more » Saints and Sinners - Ways to grow, ways to expand, dances on the sandy beaches, dances on ships of dreams, boats to sail away. Kids and goats, horns and hats, sinners and saints, frogs and snakes, circles of life, circles of luck, circles of family, circles of haters. Clocks and wheels, times to dance, times to run and play, goats and sheep, out to lunch, cheers and laughs, joys and pains, rocks and waves. Lessons learned over time, classes on the beach, love and hate, hand in hand, angels in host, angels on land, stories and tips to share, tales of bumps in the roads. Free rides, free faces to change

Good times, lives on the water, birds to fly away, dances for lovers, songs in the winds, robins and doves, swans in the water. Lots of love to share, glory dazes done, hats and horns, songs of lovers on the water. Joys and pains, swans in pairs, dates on the water, lots of love in the air, tales to spin, American birds, songs in the winds. Hands to hearts, swans and dove, branches of peace, songs to birds and bees, cows and cattle, dances in the water. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of horns to sound, winds and birds, songs on the water.

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  1. Dancing Dreams, Blue Star Steel, Veterans Housing Matters. Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box: Laughs Online - Back in time, back in space, gifts of time was spent, marking time, playing dead. Shark eaten by land whales, flipped and eaten alive, for the earth angel lost in time, broken wings to go with broken heart, hopes to burning, lights still on. Time to take life back, out of the clouds in the sky, angel dust, speed, and meth, words to work, all the same, faces on coins, faces on cards, wild cards, snakes in grass.