Monday, November 7, 2016

Teachers or students, coins to flip, tales to spin, Jewish Lights, Horse and Pony Shows, Cards on the table.

The colder the winter, the warmer the spring. The deeper our sorrow, the more our hearts sing.Glory holes open wide, tricks and trades, barter for more, classes of dogs, classes of bitches in heat, classes of hogs and pigs. Faces of Rachel G. Jarrot. Dreams: Stories, Tips, Homes, Houses, Homeless Nightmares: Veterans Paths: , 5 a Ken dolls to sell, no glasses at all, guys in military greens. G. I. JOES, thanks so much. Gifts of lives lost, faces blown away, sons off fighting the wars, since the start of time. Teachers or students, coins to flip, tales to spin, Jewish Lights, Horse and Pony Shows, Cards on the table. 

Fires of hopes, wished, dreams and prayers, bring here and there, for Uncle Sam, thanks again. 5 Stars, Shooting Blue, Shooting White, Horse And Pony Shows, Bitches And Dawgs. Waves to make, ships to sail, games on the water, games on the lands, people and animals under the skin, wheels to turn, pages in a book. This is a story of fiction bested on facts, as they appeared from a mad hatter’s point of view. It may not be a view that is shared by others, but that is not the important part, it is about my opinions that I choose to share.Lions, Tigers, Bears, Painted Dreams In Motions, Mountain Tops, Crows Fly South. Bats Out Of Hell. Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides, angels to greet, sunny and bright days in the rain, turns to take, paths to greatness. Trips to heaven, angels to see, Michael Jackson, angel in the sky.Teachers or students, coins to flip, tales to spin, Jewish Lights, Horse and Pony Shows, Cards on the table. 

Good time, dances on the sands of time, love, luck, lessons, daily pages in a book to turn, highs and lows, dances in the dark, dances for the rights turn, the left turn, the hits and misses. Fairy tales, daily life, adventures, mountains to climb, doors and windows open, no defined. Next opening, no is next one, next open door, moving on, in the threes, right, left and standing tall. Dances for lights, dances for luck, dances for the rights to stand tall, military lost and found Veteran Housing Matters, houses with heat, houses without bed bugs, dreams in the winter time. Love, lights, dances in the dark, love, luck, coins to flip, cards to read, dram dates on the sands of time. Wheels to turn, clocks to beat the moments, lost in the winds, birds and bees, singing songs, daily events.

Bridges on Land: Cars and Trucks: Cross the Water In The Ways....Fairy Tales Recaps. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™ Thanks...Click here to support Veterans Alone:Homeless: Nightmares by Starr Bright..Classes in the woods, how to build a house, small and tiny, only 20 ac to cover. Tricks traders, dicks, dawgs, bitches in heat, monkeys in pack, monkeys to dodge. Pages to books to recap, recall, and review. πŸ’₯😎🌊So blessed ....Time to take a walk, ships to sail, veterans with guns, dates to set, fun and games, wars and battles of wits. stole and trash the personal property of a disable, black veterans, for fun and games, back in the day, before, Adriana Agresti, Lovers Talk.Questions:Plenty of Fish in the seas. Mikey and a couple of other NY escapees.Frank Agresti,Juliana Santiago.Fat, Wide, Cows:Monkeys Packs: Goats Horns, Love, Hate,Coins To Flip.

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