Friday, April 8, 2016

Tin Can Affairs, RV Camper, Steven Jarrot, Frogs And Snakes To Dodge

To fail to learn, define fail-first attempts in learning, new things, new ways to get back up,  practice never to fail. Lessons over time, lessons of being normal, lessons of being average, for a frog or a fish, plenty of them in the seas. Gifts to share, life on the beach, life on the sands of time, hard knocks and all, joys and pains, trips to hell and back, great things to do. Practice not to fail, in all things that you try, time and space to spare, tales to write online. History recorded, one more time, tales of jackasses in the fields, life of a frog on a flip of a coin. 

Paths taken, at the forks, three lefts, to get back to square one, seven seasons of reasons, hands out to lend a hand. Hearts in hands,m build for years, queen is dead, butterflies again. Birds in the fire, hope is born, birds to the heavens, birds and bats out of hell, fires of purple, fires of orange. sinners and saints burned on crosses. Sad and blue, black and white, red and white, hats to wear, Santa colors, nick the saint, Santa riding the waves, with seas horses. Liked that one the best. Do no know the story, another thing to check out, or not. 

History of bumps in the road, rebel races, rats to run. Party and play for life, dreams in drama,

 life in a tin can, RV campers, tales told, back in time.  Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 - Snake Dances, birds ..

.Rach Jay, Steven and Cheryl Jarrot, Upland Cattle - Raiders ...Steven Jarrot's Phone & Address | PeopleByName.

...... veterans to save the dazes of America  and life, thanks again,  Rachel Wigsout Jarrot: Rach Jay, Rachellyn1010, Rachel Cattler, Rachel Gay link Jarrot, bitch of Upland, by way of Cheryl and Charles  Jarrot: secret lovers since day one, inside the closet: Rach Jay: out of closet, dyke is hatched, snakes alive, poor frogs in pads, bitch is dead: Rachel Jarrot, flipping the coins. Dyke for life, out of box, movie groupie, Ms Fun Freak, party with family, Sima and Steven Jarrot 7608512267, or date a Jewish Credit Cow. Time to stand up, take life back, new battles to fight, glory dazes done. 

Shit Lover: Rach Jay, Reese, Uritza-Santigo Smith, Rachel Jarrot...Dick Butch: Rach Jay, lovers since 2013, i pad for ring to date, daddy new dyke lovers: Santago Smith, Reese Smith, URITA Smith, dead to shit in bag, party and play butches to date, nice tip thanks.  Cans air caps. short, Marlene Stevens, Steven, Sima,  Charles R. Jay Jarrot,  cows and cattle also. Butches, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, tricks to date, 7608512267: good times on beach, more fish to fry. LIFE as a fairy tale. Create your own world. Your dreams, your wishes, your desires, your gifts to share.

Donkeys in the hills of Riverside, desert, monkeys to see, monkeys to say, monkeys on the backs of the asses in question, true colors lies to share, distance with pictures harder, disable boyfriends that were veterans, have views to share about Steven and the tricks and trades in the RV. Not just one black, female veteran with stories, male veterans have more stories of the dick sucker: Steven Jarrot, 7605643510: to change the numbers 7608512267,,or fucks together, family fuck fest, family, friends, and foes, dicks first, chicks?Secrets?


  1. JK: Transforming Mankind, One Nut To Stand, One Tree In Woods. Tales told online, found a snake once, kept him until he bite me, tales of others, stories of love and devotion, from a snake. Steven Jarrot, his kids Rachel And Charles R. Jarrot, crooks and robbers, cheaters and liars, to include Sheri and Sima Jarrot, faces of frogs. Dates?or you, ass lubed up, gang bang, pitchers on point, jokes to yell. Ship of fools, ships of freaks, snakes in the water. Party and play? Bees and wasps, not sure, thanks for sharing: ass holes in the mix.

  2. Baby Steps, Roads To Greatness, Taking Turns: February ...
    Steven jarrot 7608512267 ,party & pay. Best Buy Crook, small and simple, lights on to show signs of sin. Sorry suckers in family of snakes. Seven Snakes, American Toads Army Of Frogs, Steven Jarrot7608512267 . True Happiness, To Write, To Record History. Turing the pages ...Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, land whale to date, snakes and frogs, green eyes covered in cum, tricks to trades, nuts to go, day job, dicks in line, gang bang rules, ...

    SNAKES-fags: Charms Enough: English Lessons ...7608512267 - Retweet RanSteven Jarrot 7608512267: same as pimps: though the mud that covers his glasses now. views of a man, not a cheater?.SO IF YOU LET ME SUCk.Steven Jarrot:7608512267- Party and play today? Black Males have the biggest dicks, thank god for Rick Benson, George Benson,Harry Dicks ..